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29 May 2012

Health Line Show

The health line show is made available by the Glendale Adventist Medical Center. It informs viewers about new research in the medical community, as well as overall information about maintaining good health. This program is very educational and worth watching.  Read more

Huysi Qaravan

This program focuses on traditional Armenian music and folk-arts. This is a show worth watching if you have a passion or even an interest in the Armenian culture.  Read more


 This is a very unique and informative show that touches base with popular musical composers, actors and singers from the 70, 80s and 90s. The program goes into details about the lives of the composers actors and singers about which some viewers may not be aware… Read more

Voske Sring

Voske Sring “ Golden Flute” is an amazing show that focuses around classical music, primarily opera. This program is very informative and makes this art form interesting to the general public. Operate lovers will admire this show and definitely be hooked. If you are an opera lover or even an occasional listener, you will definitely appreciate Voske Sring.  Read more

Harmony TV

 Harmony TV presents to you all, from ancient times to the present, arts from the times of the Renaissance to the contemporary masterpieces, world renowned performers, artists, movie stars, places of great history, natural beauty and interest. Harmony TV – your pathway to self expression and harmonious life. Read more

Reverend Berj Djambazian

 This show is a motivational one for all viewers regardless of religion. Reverend Djambazian is a renowned religious speaker and will brighten your day with his preaching. Read more

Kaj Nazar TV

This program provides information and discussions about the articles in the Kaj Nazar Armenian magazine which is distributed worldwide. Viewers are involved on live TV with discussions on various topics. 

Read more

Himnaqar (English translation means “Keystone”)

A keystone is the central stone in an arch which prevents the structure from falling apart. A healthy family is the keystone of a healthy society. This is one of the few shows on TV that aims to educate and inform families with basic knowledge about God, family, community, health and social issues, relationship and parenting issues, marriage, divorce, child education and safety, including laws regarding these issues. The program is directed especially toward the newly arrived immigrant population.  Read more


This show is an Armenian informal discussion forum where various topics are brought to the viewers’ attention. There is a wide range of topics from political to other current events. The viewers have a rare opportunity to discuss and voice their opinions with the host on any given topic.  Read more

Ardzagank News

This show provides up-to-date news on what is going on in Armenia. All the news provided to our viewers comes directly from our news establishment in Armenia. The show is very informative, allowing viewers to be in the know about events pertaining to Armenia.  Read more

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